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CGHS : Shalby Hospitals and Central Lab, Indore empanelled under CGHS, Bhopal

CGHS Bhopal Empanelment: CGHS empanelled Central Lab, Indore for Diagnostic Laboratory and Shalby Hospitals, Indore for General Purpose. *** Office Memorandum *** Sub: Notification of Empanelment of Health Care Organization (HCOs) under Continuous Empanelment Scheme .

Govt. of lndia
Office of the Additional Director
Central Govt. Health Scheme
Police I.T.I. Building Jahangirabad, Bhopal
0755 - 2550265 

No.1(16)/Estt/CGHS/2017-18/326-39                                                       Bhopal dated: 14/07/2017

Office Memorandum
Sub: Notification of Empanelment of Health Care Organization (HCOs) under Continuous Empanelment Scheme

With reference to the Ministry’s Office Memorandums 1. No. S. 11045/36/2012/CGHSHEC dated 10.12.2014, 2. S.11035/36/2012-CGHS/HEC dated 16.10.2015 3. S.11011/28/2017-CGHS (HEC) dated 16.05.2017 vide which the continous Empanelment Scheme for private hospitals and Diagonostic Centre under CGHS was revived with a view to empanel more such facilities for the CGHS beneficiaries and also for newly established CGHS Centre i.e. Indore. Accordingly after following due process a list of private hospital & Eye Care Centre have been finalized as per the terms and conditions laid down. 

1. The Hospital/Diagnostic Centre mentioned below are empanelled for a period of One year provisionally from the date of issue of this office memorandum or till next new empanelment which ever is earlier. 

2. If a particular health care organization is not recommendation by NABH/NABL/QCI as the case may be for all available facilities in it, preferably within six months but not later than one year of its empanelment then its name shall be removed from CGHS panel and 50% of PBG shall be forfeited.

3. This office memorandum and the rates applicable under CGHS Bhopal for hospitals, Diagnostic Centres including eye centres can be downloaded from the website of CGHS.

4. This office memorandum is issued in pursuance of delegation of power for empanelment of private hospitals vide O.M. referred above at S.No. 3

S. No. Name of Hospital/Diagnostic Centre & Address NABH/NABL Status
Telephone No. Empanelled for
22,23,24 Ist Floor, Yashwant Plaza, Opp: Railway Station, INDORE (M.P.)
NABL Accredited 0731 – 6633111, 6633222 Diagnostic Laboratory
Plot No. 5 & 6 R.S.Bhandari Marg, Near Janjeerwala Square, INDORE (M.P)
NON NABH 0731 – 6677777 General Purpose

Additional Director
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