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CGHS : Implementation of e-Office under CGHS - MoH&FW O.M dated 15.11.2017

CGHS : Implementation of e-Office under CGHS - MoH&FW O.M dated 15.11.2017 

Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi 110 011
No Z 15025/113/2017/DIR/CGHS
Dated the 15th November, 2017
Subject: - Effective implementation of e-office under CGHS

With reference to the above mentioned subject reference is invited to the earlier communication no Z15025/22/2017/DIR/CGHS dated 20th February 2017 and to state that the implementation of e-office in the offices under the Directorate General of CGHS and the offices of Addl. Director (HQ) and offices of Addl. Directors of Cities and Zones may be expedited. Office of Director, CGHS shall not receive any physical files after 313‘ December 2017. You are also advised to take urgent steps for digitization (Scanning) of physical files on a war footing. 

A copy of the communication received from the Joint Secretary (e-Health ) Min. of Health Family Welfare is enclosed.
Encl. as above.
Director, CGHS
1. Addl. DDG(HQ)/Addl. Director(HQ) /Addl. Directors of CGHS Cities /Zones/ Sr CMO(HEC)
2. Under Secretary(Admn.), CGHS/ Section Officers of CGHS -llCGHS-ll, CGHS-

Copy for information to
PS to AS&DG,CGHS , Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
PS to Joint Secretary (e-Health), Min. of Health & Family Welfare


Government of indie
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
O/o JS (LA)
Kindly recall earlier communications for expediting the process of implementation of eOffice in MoHFW. it is to bring to your kind notice that the tenure of vendor hired for digitization of records is going toend on All" January 20.18 and the same is not supposed to get renewed after that. All the sections are therefore required to get their files scanned before the expiration of the tenure. 

Also since still there are more than one lakh physical files remaining for digitization out of which nearly 20000 files are pertaining to CGHS and related offices (Zonal Offices). The deadline of implementation of eOffice in this Ministry is 31st December 2017. 

It is therefore requested that strict instructions may be issued to all the sections and offices under Dir (CGHS) to close the inactive physical files in the first instance in next 15 days in Mission Mode and get the active physical files scanned and converted before the expiry of the tinure of vending scanner. 

The deadline of 31st December for complete eOffice implementation may be taken into consideration. 

The issue is proposed to be reviewed in the Senior Officers Meeting at Secretary H level. 

Necessary support is solicited.
Lav Agarwal
Joint Secretary (eHealth)
Director (CGHS), MoHFW

Copy for information to:

Secretary (HFW)



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