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Proposals for foreign visits should be sent 15 days prior to SCoS : Dept. of Expenditure O.M

Proposals for foreign visits should be sent 15 days prior to Screening Committee of Secretaries (SCoS) : Dept. of Expenditure O.M

No.4 (4)/E.Coord/2015
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, 27th November 2017

Subject: Instructions for processing foreign visits of officers of the Government of India for approval of Screening Committee of Secretaries (SCoS)
Reference is invited to this Department's OM of even number dated 5th January 2016 on the above subject. Para 22 of the ibid OM provides that 'Proposals, complete in all respects, seeking approval of SCoS shall be submitted to Department of Expenditure 15 days prior to departure date of delegation

2. It has been observed that Ministries/Departments are not submitting their proposals within the stipulated time, often sending proposals one day prior to the departure of the official (3). While it is understandable that requisite approvals and clearances from different agencies/departments take time, it has been observed that Ministries/Departments have been casual in processing their proposals internally without giving due regard to the time frame stipulated for receiving the proposals in Department of Expenditure and seeking approval of the SCoS. Late receipt of proposals for SCoS approval leads to administrative inconveniences both for the SCoS and Ministries/Departments.

3. Hence, Ministries/Departments are directed to ensure that as far as possible, proposals of foreign visits requiring SCoS approval are received 15 days prior to departure date of the delegation but not later than 5 days before date of departure of the delegation. Proposals not adhering to the time frame are liable to be rejected.

(H. Atheli)

All Secretaries to the Govt. of India
All Financial Advisers of Ministries/Departments

Copy for information to:
(i) Additional Secretary, PMO
(ii) Staff Officer to Cabinet Secretary
(iii) PPS to Finance Secretary & Secretary (Revenue)
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