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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Revision in cadre structure and staffing pattern due to merger of posts of Ticket Checking (TC), Commercial Clerk (CC) and Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) - reg

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Revision in cadre structure and staffing pattern due to merger of posts of Ticket Checking (TC), Commercial Clerk (CC) and Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) - reg.

RBE No. 28/2018
New Delhi, dated: 22.02.2018
The General Manager (P)
All Indian railways & Pus
(as per standard list)

Sub: Revision in cadre structure and staffing pattern due to marger of three categories of posts in the Commercial Department over Indian Railways – viz. Ticket Checking (TC), Commercial Clerk (CC), and Enquiry-cum-Reservation-Clerk (ECRC). 
The 7th CPC’s recommendations pertaining to the Commercial Department staff of the Railways are contained in Para 11.40.64 to 11.40.70 of their Report. 

Upgradation of posts proposed from erstwhile GP 1900 to GP 2000, and from erstwhile GP 2400 to GP 2800 have already been notified for implementation vide Annexure-B of Railway Board’s communication No. PC-VII/2016/RSRP/2 dated 02.08.2016 (RBE No. 93/2016). Recommendations regarding the merger of posts in the three consultation with both recognized staff Federations (AIRF and NFIR) and with the concerned Directorates in the Railway Board, it has now been decided to implement the merger into a unified category of ‘Commercial and Ticketing Staff’ in a phased manner. Details of the cadre structure/AVC, staffing pattern and norms of appointment/selection for this unified category are tabulated in the Annexure to this letter.

2. The following modalities may be adopted while switching over to the unified cadre structure detailed in the accompanying Annexure:

2.1 Merger of the three categories will follow a graded approach. In first phase, the Ticket Checking category as a whole, with all its existing incumbents, will continue as a separate category with its existing cadre structure and staffing pattern, while the existing staff working in the categories of CC and ECRCs may be merged. The merged categories of CC and ECRC will accordingly have a four tier structure of posts and functional designation, as below:

i) Commercial-cum-Reservation-Clerk in Level-3 (entry level)

ii) Senior Commercial-cum-Reservation Clerk in Level-5 consisting of merged posts currently designated as Senior Commercial Clerk and Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk that are in Leve-5

iii) Chief Commercial-cum-Reservation Clerk in Level-6 consisting of merged posts currently designated as Head Commercial Clerk and Enquiry-cum-Reservation Supervisor that are in Level-6

iv) Commercial Superintendent in Level-7 consisting of merged posts currently designated as Chief Booking Supervisor and Chief Enquiry-cum-Reservation Supervisor that are in Level-7.

2.2 In the second phase of the merger, all future recruitments to the relevant category(ies) will be in the unified cadre structure merging Ticket Checking category also with the cadre of CC & ECRC. The final unified cadre structure with designation of posts, staffing pattern and norms for appointment will be as detailed in accompanying Annexure.

2.3 As merger progresses from the first phase (Para in 2.1 above) to the second phase (Para in 2.2 above), nomenclature(s) of posts will also change correspondingly.

3. 10 + 2 minimum entry qualification has been prescribed for entry into Level-3 of the Ticket Collectors/ Commercial Clerks categories, as may be seen in the accompanying Annexure. It is clarified that this stipulation (of 10 + 2 minimum qualification) will not apply to existing regular staff against promotional intake.

4. Usual rules/principles will apply while determining inter se seniority in the merged categories.

5. Received training modules necessitated due to the merger above will be prepared an notified separately by the concerned Directorate.

Dy. Director-II/Estt.(NG)I


Signed copy

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