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Railways: Entry Pay for Direct Recruits in Railways appointed on or after 1.1.2006 - reg

Railways: Entry Pay for Direct Recruits in Railways appointed on or after 1.1.2006 - reg

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)
S. No. PC-VI/389                                                                                                      RBE No. 158/2018

No. PC-VI /2018/I/RSRP/1                                                                     New Delhi, dated 12.10.2018

The General Managers
All Indian Railways & PUs,
(As per mailing list)

Sub: Railway Services(Revised Pay) rules, 2008-Section II of the Part’A’ of the First Schedule thereto- entry pay for direct recruits appointed on or after 1.1.2006 and pay fixation in the case of persons other than such direct recruits.

A copy of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure’s OM No. 8-23/2017-E.IIIA dated 28.9.2018 on the above subject is enclosed for information and compliance. These instructions shall apply mutatis-mutandis on the Railways also.
2. A concordance of Ministry of Finance’s instructions referred to in the enclosed Office Memorandum and Railway Board’s corresponding instructions are given below:-

S. No. No. and date of notification issued by Ministry of Finance’s O.M./Orders No. and date of corresponding notification issued by Ministry of Railways (Railway Board).
1 Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 notified vide G.S.R. 622(E) dated 29.8.2008. Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2008 notified vide G.S.R. 643(E) dated 04.09.2008 (RBE No. 103/2008).

3. This issues with concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

Also Read: MoF's O.M No. 8-23/2017-E.IIIA dated 28.09.2018

(S. Balachandra Iyer)
Executive Director, Pay Commisfion-II
Railway Board

Pay & Accounts Officer,
Ministry of Railways,
Railway Board, New Delhi.

No.PC-VI/2018/I/RSRP/1                                                                  New Delhi, dated 12.10.2018

Copy to : Deputy Controller and auditor General of India(Railways), Room No. 222, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi (with 40 spares).

For Financial Commissioner/Railways

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