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Sunday, 23 December 2018

7th CPC: CCS Leave Rules 1972 Amendments - EL Rules in Vacation Deptt, Half Pay Leave Rules, Child Care Leave for Female & Single Male Govt Servant, WRIL & Injury Leave

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7th CPC: CCS Leave Rules 1972 Amendments - EL Rules in Vacation Deptt, Half Pay Leave Rules, Child Care Leave for Female & Single Male Govt Servant, WRIL & Injury Leave


(Department of Personnel and Training)


New Delhi, the 11th December, 2018

G.S.R. 1209(E).— In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 read with clause (5) of article 148 of the Constitution and after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in relation to persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, the President hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972, namely:-

1. (1) These rules may be called the Central Civil Services (Leave) (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2018.

(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2. In the Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972,

(A) in rule 28, in sub-rule (1) for clauses (a), (b) and (c), the following clauses shall be substituted, namely:-

“(a) The leave account of every Government servant (other than a military officer) who is serving in a Vacation Department shall be credited with earned leave, in advance’ in two installments of five days each on the first day of January and July of every calendar year.

(b) In respect of any year in which a Government Servant avails a portion of the vacation, he shall be entitled to additional earned leave in such proportion of twenty days, as the number of days of vacation not taken bears to the full vacation, provided the total earned leave credited shall not exceed thirty days in a calendar year.

(c) If, in any year, the Government servant does not avail any vacation, earned leave will be as per Rule 26 instead of clauses (a) and (b).”;

(B) in rule 29, for sub-rule (1), the following sub-rule shall be substituted, namely:—

“(1) The half pay leave account of every Government servant (other than a military officer and a Government servant serving in a Vacation Department) shall be credited with half pay leave in advance, in two installments of ten days each on the first day of January and July of every calendar year.”;

(C) in rule 43-C. (a) for sub-rule (1), the following sub-rule shall be substituted, namely”;

“(1) Subject to the provisions of this rule, a female Government servant and single male Government servant may be granted child care leave by an authority competent to grant leave for a maximum period of seven hundred and thirty days during entire service for taking care of two eldest surviving children, whether for rearing or for looking after any of their needs, such as education, sickness and the like.” ;

(b) for sub-rules (3) and (4), the following sub-rules shall be substituted, namely:-
“(3) Grant of child care leave to a female Government servant and a single male Government servant under sub-rule (1) shall be subject to the following conditions, namely:-

(i) it shall not be granted for more than three spells in a calendar year;

(ii) in case of a single female Government servant, the grant of leave in three spells in a calendar year shall be extended to six spells in a calendar year.

(iii) it shall not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is satisfied about the need of child care leave to the probationer, provided that the period for which such leave is sanctioned is minimal.

(iv) child care leave may not be granted for a period less than five days at a time.

(4) During the period of child care leave, a female Government servant and a single male Government servant shall be paid one hundred percent of the salary for the first three hundred and sixty five days, and at eighty percent of the salary for the next three hundred and sixty five days.

Explanation.—Single Male Government Servant’ means – an unmarried or widower or divorcee Government servant.”;

(D) for rule 44, the following rule shall be substituted, namely:- “44. Work Related Illness and Injury Leave:-

The authority competent to grant leave may grant Work Related Illness and Injury Leave ( herein after referred to as WRIIL) to a Government servant (whether permanent or temporary), who suffers illness or injury that is attributable to or aggravated in the performance of her or his official duties or in consequence of her or his official position subject to the provisions contained in sub-rule (1) of rule 19 of these rules, on the following conditions, namely :

(1) Full pay and allowances shall be granted to all employees during the entire period of hospitalisation on account of WRIIL.

(2) Beyond hospitalization, WRIIL shall be governed as follows:

(a) A Government servant (other than a military officer) full pay and allowances for the six months immediately following hospitalisation and Half Pay for twelve months beyond the said period of six months. The Half Pay period may be commuted to full pay with corresponding number of days of Half Pay Leave debited from the employees leave account.

(b) For officers of Central Armed Police Forces full pay and allowances for six months immediately following the hospitalisation and full pay only for the next twenty four months.

(c) For personnel below the rank of officer of the Central Armed Police Forces full pay and allowances, with no limit regarding period.

(3) In the case of persons to whom the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 applies, the amount of leave salary payable under WRIIL shall be reduced by the amount of compensation paid under the Act.

(4) No Earned Leave or Half Pay Leave shall be credited during the period that employee is on WRIIL.”.

(E) rules 45 and 46 shall be omitted.

[F. No. 11020/01/2017 -Estt(L)] 


Note : The principal rules were published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part-II, Section 3, Sub-section (i), dated 8th April, 1972 vide number S.O. 940 dated the 15th March, 1972 and have been subsequently amended vide:

S. No. Number of the notification Date GSR. No. GSR date
1 16(3)-E.IV(A)/71 11.1.1972 2724 4.11.1972
2 4(7)-E.IV(A)/72 30.4.1973 1399 19.5.1973
3 5(15)-E.IV(A)/73 13.7.1973 82114.8.1973
4 14(10)-E.IV(A)/73 11.6.1974  Not readily available
5 5(8)-E.IV(A)/73 19.7.1974 818 3.8.1974
6 14(8)-E.IV(A)/74 2.11.1974 1242 23.11.1974
7 16(3)-E.IV(A)/74 20.12.1974 1374 28.12.1974
8 16(5)-E.IV(A)/74 11.4.1975 52626.4.1975
9 16(8)-E.IV(A)/74 26.5.1975 686 7.6.1975
10 4(1)-E.IV(A)/74 24.6.1975 83412.7.1975
11 16(8)-E.IV(A)/74 20.9.1975 2876 27.12.1975
12 5(7)-E.IV(A)/75 2.12.1975 2877 27.12.1975
13 5(16)-E.IV(A)/73 15.1.1976 Not readily available
14 16(6)-E.IV(A)/74 31.7.1976 1184 14.8.1978
15 16(3)-E.IV(A)/76 7.10.1976 1587 13.11.1976
16 4(9)-E.IV(A)/76 14.3.1977 611 14.5.1977
17 14(11)-E.IV(A)/76 12.9.1978 1159 23.9.1978
18 14025/1/78-E.IV(A) 4.10.1978 1255 21.10.1978
19 13024/1/76-E.IV(A) 29.8.1979 1150 15.9.1979
20 11022/1/77-E.IV(A) 21.11.1979 1422 1.12.1979
21 14018/1/80-LU 21.11.1980 1260 13.12.1980
22 16(19)-E.IV(A)/76 31.12.1980 263 24.11.1981
23 11012/2/80-Est.(L) 24.8.1981 8115.9.1981
24 14028/9/80-Est.(L) 1.10.1981 927 17.10.1981
25 14025/9/80-Est.(L) 16.4.1982 4238.5.1982
26 13023/2/81-Est.(L) 16.4.1983 430 4.6.1983
27 14028/8/82-Est.(L) 27.7.1983 48913.8.1983
28 131023/2/81-Est.(L) 12.10.1983 804 5.11.1983
29 14028/6/81-Est.(L) 17.10.1973 35024.3.1983
30 13015/11/82-Est.(L) 25.5.1984 566 9.6.1984
31 18011/3/80-Est.(L) 12.7.1984 78828.7.1984
32 14028/1/81-Est.(L) 19.7.1984 817 4.8.1984
33 14028/16/82-Est.(L) 31.5.1985 55815.6.1985
34 13014/1/85-Est.(L) 3.12.1985 1139 14.12.1985
35 14028/19/86-Est.(L) 9.12.1986 1072 14.12.1985
36 13023/20/84-Est.(L) 11.12.1986 1102 27.12.1986
37 13014/1/87-Est.(L) 17.6.1987 5154.7.1987
38 11012/1/85-Est.(L) 23.6.1987 516 4.7.1988
39 14028/18/86-Est.(L) 23.3.1988 2609.4.1988
40 11012/1/85-Est.(L) 6.6.1988 47618.6.1988
41 13012/12/86-Est.(L) 10.3.1989 198 25.3.1989
42 13026/2/90-Est.(L) 22.10.1990 5526.1.1991
43 11014/3/89-Est.(L) 2.5.1991 30318.5.1991
44 11014/3/89-Est.(L) 21.1.1992 498.2.1992
45 13026/2/90-Est.(L) 4.3.1992 11914.3.1992
46 13026/2/90-Est.(Leave) 20.4.1993 225 8.5.1993
47 13018/7/94-Estt.(L) 31.3.1995 317(E) 31.3.1995
48 14028/10/91-Estt.(L) 8.8.1995 38519.8.1995
49 14028/4/91-Estt.(L) 18.9.1995 442 7.10.1995
50 14015/2/97-Estt.(L) 31.12.1997 727(E) 31.12.1997
51 13026/1/99-Estt.(L) 18.4.2002 149 27.4.2002
52 13026/1/2002-Estt.(L) 15/16.1.2004 1865.6.2004
53 14028/1/2004-Estt.(L) 13.2.2006 474.3.2006
54 13018/4/2004-Estt.(L) 31.3.2006 9127.4.2006
55 13023/3/98-Estt.(L), Vol.II 26.10.2007 229 3.11.2007
56 11012/1/2009-Estt.(L) 1.12.2009 1705.12.2009
57 13026/1/2010-Estt.(L) 12.5.2011 160 12.5.2011
58 13026/5/2010-Estt.(L) 5.8.2011 601(E) 5.8.2011
59 14028/1/2010-Estt.(L) 26.8.2011 646(E) 26.8.2011
60 13018/4/2011-Estt.(L) 27.8.2011 648(E) 27.8.2011
61 13026/4/2011-Estt.(L) 26.12.2011 898(E) 26.12.2011
62 13026/3/2011-Estt.(L) 28.3.2012 255(E) 28.3.2012
63 13026/2/2010-Estt.(L) 29.3.2012 261(E) 29.3.2012
64 13026/5/2011-Estt.(L) 4.4.2012 283(E) 4.4.2012
65 13026/4/2012-Estt.(L) 18.2.2014 96(E) 18.02.2014
66 13026/4/2012-Estt.(L) 17.4.2014 286(E) 21.04.2014
67 13018/6/2013-Estt. (L) 09.10.2014 711€ 09.10.2014
68 13026/2/2016-Estt.(L) 15.3.2017 251(E) 15.03.2017
69 13023/1/2017-Estt.(L) 01.1.2018 08(E) 03.01.2018
70 18017/1/2014-Estt (L) 3.4.2018 438(E) 09.05.2018
71 13018/6/2013 -Estt (L) 6.6.2018 554(E) 13.06.2018

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